8-inch dual coil induction furnace with two models at the same time!

In July 2022, HIPER launched two 8-inch double-coil induction crystal growth furnaces at the same time. The newly launched two new furnace models correspond to the disadvantages of SIC induction crystal growth furnaces in 8-inch or larger sizes, and actively respond to them. The usage habits and experience of industry customers continue.

When the silicon carbide 8-inch era comes, as the diameter of the crucible increases, the induction coil can only heat the surface of the crucible, and the radial temperature gradient at different positions will increase accordingly, and such parameter changes are not suitable for crystals with large diameters grow. HIPER launched a new generation 2.0 version of SIC resistance crystal growth furnace in June, with [shaft-diameter separation] + [new process] as the core technology, and more optimized to solve the industry needs of crystal growth, fast growth, and thick growth. This highlights that the technology of SIC induction crystal growth furnace is backward. In order to respond to the inertia of industry customers and the continuation of Know-How, Hengpu Technology has launched a double-coil induction crystal growth furnace, and at the same time launched a quartz tube (double-coil external ) and metal shell (double coil built-in) two new furnace models.

The technology of double coils is not a new technical route, but the mutual interference of double coils, especially the mutual interference of heat in the crucible, is very difficult for process adjustment, and there are difficulties in material flow transmission and channel deposition. In order to overcome For the problem of the 8-inch induction crystal growth furnace, HIPER has solved the inability to separate the upper and lower temperatures of the graphite crucible by the dual coils, achieved [quasi-axis and diameter separation], and used the technology on two furnace types at the same time to meet the More customers' usage habits.

Core Technology

• Temperature separation in the crucible area (relative separation)

• Using special customized graphite hard felt

• Dual horizontal coils

• Unique secondary heating element

• The crucible is separated from the heat field

• Transport diversion control of material flow

Note: The above functions are not available in both furnace models.

Product & Technical Features

1. SIC quartz tube double coil (external) induction crystal growth furnace

Technical Features:

• Temperature separation in the crucible zone

• Facilitate the transition of the original process

• Horizontal helical coil to improve magnetic field balance and double coil matching

2. SIC metal shell double coil (built-in) induction crystal growth furnace

Technical Features:

• The material is discharged from the bottom of the furnace, which solves the inconvenience of taking material from the 8-inch crucible

• When discharging, the crucible is automatically separated from the heat field to improve the repeatability of furnaces

• Unique secondary heating element

• Optimized internal coil insulation

• Horizontal multi-point temperature measurement

• Using special customized graphite hard felt