New generation SIC crystal growth furnace, breakthrough industry core requirements

  In April 2022, HIPER launched a new-generation technology platform for SIC induction crystal growth furnaces, breaking through the three major shortcomings of the SIC industry's crystal growth: slow growth, thick growth, and small growth, and to solve the core needs of the industry.

     With the intensive launch of silicon carbide models of electric vehicles, the current demand for SIC devices is blowing out. In the future, the supply of SIC substrates still cannot meet the market demand.

     At present, the mainstream SIC crystal growth rate in China is 0.1~0.2mm/h, the crystal thickness is 15~25mm, and the crystal size is fully switched from 4 inches to 6 inches. The growth rate of the mainstream SIC crystal in the world is 0.2~0.3mm/h, the thickness of the crystal is 30~40mm, and the crystal size changes from 6 inches to 8 inches.

     Whether it is technology catching up or market demand, on the premise of crystal quality (defects, etc.) guaranteed, growing SIC crystals faster, thicker, and bigger is the core demand that the industry urgently needs to solve.

     In this context, Hengpu Technology launched a new generation of induction heating technology platform, and based on the new technology platform, launched two induction SIC crystal growth furnaces to solve the shortcomings of SIC crystal growth not fast, not thick, not large .

 Features of the new induction crystal growth platform (partial):

1. Full size

     At the same time, two furnace models of 6 inches and 8 inches were launched to meet the needs of the industry for increased crystal sizes.

2. Seedless crystal holder or ultra-thin seed crystal holder

     Free thermal expansion is conducive to the release of stress and reduces defects caused by stress.

     Material area and seed area, more flexible temperature gradient adjustment.

3. Fixed horizontal coil

     There is no need to adjust the axial movement of the coil, reducing process variables and improving process stability.

     Make finer adjustments to the temperature field in the seed crystal area to make the temperature more balanced.

4. New hot spots

     Load more raw materials, and the utilization rate is high.

     The sensitivity of the temperature distribution in the feed zone to the influence of crystal growth decreases.

     The evaporation area is increased, and it can grow under ultra-low pressure.

     The mass transfer efficiency is improved and stable, and the influence of recrystallization is reduced (avoiding secondary mass transfer).

     Expanding technology to reduce edge defects.

     Later in growth, to reduce the impact of carbon wrap.

5. Advanced technology

     The new furnace is equipped with advanced technologies such as temperature closed-loop control and high-precision pressure control as standard.

     a. Temperature closed-loop control

     SiC crystals grow at high temperatures above 2000°C, which requires extremely high temperature stability. However, due to the volatilization of SiC powder and other reasons, it is impossible to achieve temperature control. Instead, power control (or temperature control + power control combination) is used. Hengpu Technology's new technology solves this pain point.

    b. High precision pressure control

     SiC crystal growth furnace usually controls the fluctuation of pressure at ±3Pa during crystal growth, but Hengpu Technology's new technology can control the pressure at ±0.3Pa, which is an order of magnitude higher.