The key material to break through the growth of sic crystals

The "primary mass transfer" process adopts a new thermal field for primary mass transfer. The mass transfer efficiency is improved and basically constant, reducing the impact of recrystallization (avoiding secondary mass transfer), and effectively reducing micropipes or other associated crystal defects. Balancing gas phase components, blocking trace impurities, adjusting local temperature, reducing physical particles such as carbon wrapping, and greatly increasing crystal thickness under the premise of satisfying crystal availability are one of the core technologies to solve crystal growth and thickness.

In 2021, Hengpu launched a new "one-time mass transfer" process. Although the effect is outstanding, the use of cylindrical porous graphite requires a lot of materials, and the porous graphite with large porosity needs to rely on imports, which dramatically increases the cost of crystal growth. , greatly hindered the promotion of the "one-time mass transfer" new process, and made the sic crystal growth technology unable to keep pace with the international.

In order to promote crystals to "grow fast, grow thick, and grow up", how to solve the bottleneck of porous graphite? It is an urgent need of the industry. The technical parameters of porous graphite such as porosity, pore size, pore distribution, strength, thinnest machinable size, and etching characteristics are extremely challenging, and matching with the process is even more difficult.

HIPER has made a breakthrough in solving the technology of porous graphite, accelerating the use of the new "primary mass transfer" process, enabling the industry to develop cost-recyclable, fast, and flexible synchronously with international technologies, and solve the dependence on "import" of key materials. And reach the international leading level.

Real photo of porous graphite:

Technical features

  • Porosity up to 65% (international leading)
  • The voids are evenly distributed;
  • High batch stability;
  • High strength, processability can reach ≤1mm ultra-thin-walled cylindrical shape (leading in the world).

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