Graphite hot field vacuum debinding and sintering furnace 480-S

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Less area occupancy

  1. Reduce the occupation area by 30% .
  2. Placing heat transformers on the top of furnace body and designing pipeline and pump sets as a whole.

Binder trap

  1. Three grade binder trap design. More efficient.
  2. First grade is stainsteel,second grade is aluminum, third grade is copper.

Data Viewer

  1. Self-developed computer software
  2. Develop “Data viewer“ in computer to check the curve run of the furnace .easy to move, print and zoom to track on malfunctions.

High precision gas control

  1. Mass flow controller can automatic adjust flow according to the process setting, avoid unstable air intake flow(fluctuation ratio of 20~50%) due to the change of parameter such (e.g pressure) when using rotor flow meter.
  2. Gas flow can be set continuously according to process steps.
  3. Two alarms outputs (Warning and action) for each process gas.
  4. Devices to maintain pressure stabilization in pipeline,so as to prevent process gas leakage, backflow and mix up.

Partial pressure control

  1. Deploy Siemens electric proportional controller to automatically regulate pressure inside the furnace according to process parameters,to avoid the fluctuation, area pressure difference, valve leakage, etc. when using open-shut type of control.
  2. The pressure can be set continuously according to process steps.

Optimized cacuum pipeline

  1. Deploy binder collecting-pot with front opening-door, for easy binder and seal cleaning to reduce leakage, and design without plug-in and pull-out cable for heating.
  2. Low position of pipeline ,for convenient cleaning and maintenance.

Fast force cooling

  1. Added built-in copper cooler in the back door.
  2. The cooling fan is changed from 2.2kW to 7.5KW (15kW).
  3. The cooling time of unloaded furnace improved by more than 60%.
  4. The cooling time of loaded furnace improved by more than 50%.
  5. By using loaded furnace and controllable cooling cooperatively, the actual whole production cycle time can be reduced by 15~25%.

Wide directional gas flow

  1. Refined gas flow, there are many holes in the door face to the shelves, the gas from holes flow into the retort.
  2. The gas can flow through the product uniformity, forming positive flow no matter in debinding or partial pressure process.
  3. With independent air intake for each shelf, to guide the gas uniformity into each shelf.
  4. With equally-distributed air inlets and pipeline spreader plates, ensuring the wide cut of gas.
  5. The gas is fed into the furnace first, and then flows through the inlet valve at the graphite seal box door and the diversion branch, as well as the inlets to flow into the seal box evenly.

Innovate high seal retort

  1. Innovative design, to avoid malposition of graphite box in the long term.
  2. Upside down type integrated design of the seal box door, and the door with two bolts structure.
  3. Debinding pipeline with anti leakage ring.

Our advantage

Precise control

With more than ten years of experience in sintering furnace design, he has a very deep understanding of vacuum, temperature control and air flow, and has a complete set of systems for testing to achieve world-leading temperature control, air flow control and vacuum control.

Full size

HIPER MIM sintering furnace is rich in variety and complete in variety, covering all equipment from experiment to mass production, and then to mass production, meeting the needs of customers at different stages.

Quick service

With more than ten years of after-sales service experience, we can find and solve problems in a short time, and send after-sales parts quickly.

Rich customization

Hengpu can customize professional sintering furnaces according to your materials, application fields, and usage scenarios, and can also choose different configurations based on our standard furnaces.

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Graphite hot zone debinding and sintering vacuum furnace has the functions of debinding and sintering in one, and is used for thermal debinding and sintering of metal powder injection molding products.

Thanks to the operation experience of more than 1,000 graphite furnaces of Hengpu in the metal powder injection molding industry, we truly understand the needs of customers, and constantly innovate technologies according to customer needs, maintain customer competitiveness, and continue to create value for customers.

Suitable material:


  • Temperature control areaZone 2
  • Intake methodPartial pressure valve intake
  • Special processNone
  • Processing box size (cm)48/48/200
  • Sheet quantity (pcs)40
  • Maximum temperature (°C)1600
  • Operating temperature (°C)1500
  • Temperature distribution (°C)≤8
  • Ultimate vacuum (Pa)0.7
  • Power capacity (KVA)200
  • Used gasN2,Ar
  • Site requirements (m³)3.6×4.6×3.1