Walking beam continuous debinding and sintering furnace

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■ High productivity

  1. Degreasing and sintering as a whole.
  2. Adopt special degreasing circulation system and acid injection device to improve degreasing efficiency.
  3. Suitable for mass production of consistent products.

■ High stability

  1. The walking beam and other steel materials imported from Germany are used to ensure the stability of the structure and improve the smooth operation.
  2. The motion control system adopts German Siemens.
  3. Adopt German temperature control system and pressure control system.

■ High configuration

  1. German insulation bricks, refractory bricks, sealing ropes, etc.
  2. German mesh belt, heating body, thermocouple, etc.
  3. German flowmeter, solenoid valve, pressure gauge.
  4. A full set of German power distribution cabinets, man-machine, and low-voltage electrical control systems.

Our advantage

Precise control

With more than ten years of experience in sintering furnace design, he has a very deep understanding of vacuum, temperature control and air flow, and has a complete set of systems for testing to achieve world-leading temperature control, air flow control and vacuum control.

Full size

HIPER MIM sintering furnace is rich in variety and complete in variety, covering all equipment from experiment to mass production, and then to mass production, meeting the needs of customers at different stages.

Quick service

With more than ten years of after-sales service experience, we can find and solve problems in a short time, and send after-sales parts quickly.

Rich customization

Hengpu can customize professional sintering furnaces according to your materials, application fields, and usage scenarios, and can also choose different configurations based on our standard furnaces.

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Walking beam continuous debinding and sintering furnace is mainly composed of feeding and discharging section, catalytic debinding section (acid debinding), low temperature sintering section (thermal debinding), high temperature sintering section and cooling section, connected by a transverse conveyor belt. In the debinding section, the product is placed on the material boat, and the nitric acid vapor moves in reverse with the material boat to remove the binder in the product. In the high temperature sintering section, the sintered product is moved by the walking beam. The continuous furnace is fully automatic from the injection molded parts into the furnace to the sintered parts out of the furnace, and can run continuously without interruption, especially suitable for the production of mass products.

Suitable material:


  • Speed (tray/hour)6~7/8~10/8~10
  • Tray (pcs)105/120/160
  • Tray size (mm²)330×330
  • Max tray height(mm)90(120)/90(120)/180(240)
  • Max sintering temp (°C)(1450)1600
  • Temperature uniformity (°C)Amplitude≤3(±1.5)
  • Power capacity (KVA) 530/600/900
  • Used gasN2, Ar, H2, H2/N2 mixed gas, decomposed ammonia, natural gas
  • Equipment size (Pa)25×7.5×4.6/28×7.5×4.6/35×8×4.6
  • Electrical cabinet size (m²)8.4×0.6×2.1/8.4×0.6×2.1/11×0.6×2.1