Graphite hot zone debinding and sintering vacuum furnace 240-S

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Temperature cascade control

  1. Two thermocouples are used to control the temperature to truly sense the product temperature.
  2. The cascade control product temperature curve is closer to the process setting curve, and the dynamic response is increased by 80%.
  3. Two cores thermocouples -- one is in idle in case another thermocouple has malfunctioned.

Break temperature uniformity limit

  1. Multi-zone independent temperature control system, the temperature uniformity of the whole furnace is ≤±1℃.
  2. Multiple zones can independently set temperature for zone adjustment or compensation

*The measurement method adopts national standard GB or American standard AMS

Bidirectional gas flow

  1. The flow has been transformed from unidirectional to bidirectional, greatly improving the dimensional accuracy of stainless steel products.
  2. For large stainless steel products, the dimensional accuracy can be increased by more than 80%.

*Data source is ZeroLab, please consult for detailed data.

Flat gas flow

  1. Generating multi-directional gas flow.
  2. Ensuring the gas smoothly flow through the product from all directions, improving degreasing effect, and comprehensively improving product dimensional accuracy.

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Precise control

With more than ten years of experience in sintering furnace design, he has a very deep understanding of vacuum, temperature control and air flow, and has a complete set of systems for testing to achieve world-leading temperature control, air flow control and vacuum control.

Full size

HIPER MIM sintering furnace is rich in variety and complete in variety, covering all equipment from experiment to mass production, and then to mass production, meeting the needs of customers at different stages.

Quick service

With more than ten years of after-sales service experience, we can find and solve problems in a short time, and send after-sales parts quickly.

Rich customization

Hengpu can customize professional sintering furnaces according to your materials, application fields, and usage scenarios, and can also choose different configurations based on our standard furnaces.

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Graphite hot zone debinding and sintering vacuum furnace has the functions of debinding and sintering in one, and is used for thermal debinding and sintering of metal powder injection molding products.

Thanks to the operation experience of more than 1,000 graphite furnaces of Hengpu in the metal powder injection molding industry, we truly understand the needs of customers, and constantly innovate technologies according to customer needs, maintain customer competitiveness, and continue to create value for customers.

Suitable material:


  • Temperature control areaZone 6
  • Intake methodSeparate air intake inside and outside
  • Special processCountercurrent process
  • Processing box size (cm)40/40/150
  • Sheet quantity (pcs)32
  • Maximum temperature (°C)1600
  • Operating temperature (°C)1500
  • Temperature distribution (°C)≤2(±1)
  • Ultimate vacuum (Pa)0.7
  • Power capacity (KVA) 150
  • Used gasN2,Ar
  • Site requirements (m³)3.5×4×2.9