Seed crystal hot pressing furnace

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  • Working temperature: room temperature to 500°C
  • Pressure control method: counterweight, air cylinder, wire cylinder drive

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Axial and Radial Temp Control Separate

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[Axis-diameter separation] The technology is applied to the resistive crystal growth furnace to completely solve the temperature coupling phenomenon in the direction of the shaft-diameter. Adjust the axial temperature gradient to increase the crystal growth rate, and the radial temperature gradient will also change accordingly, resulting in unevenness of the crystal growth interface, increased stress, and increased crystal defects. The resistance type crystal growth furnace can control the temperature of the seed crystal area and the source material area separately through the resistance heating in different areas, and achieve the separation of the axial temperature gradient and the radial temperature gradient, thereby stabilizing the crystal growth surface shape and greatly improving the crystal growth rate. Growth rate.



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The seed crystal paste process is one of the key processes affecting crystal growth, and the quality of seed crystal paste will directly affect the quality of crystal growth. Hengpu Technology has developed special auxiliary equipment according to the characteristics of the seed paste process. It can effectively reduce various defects generated in the process of sticking the seed crystal, thereby improving the yield rate of sticking the seed crystal and the final quality of the crystal.