Induction Furnace SICG8-SL07D

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Quartz Tube Double Coil Induction Crystal Growth Furnace

  • Crucible Zone Temperature Separation
  • Facilitate the transition of the original process
  • Horizontal spiral coil, improve magnetic field balance and double coil matching

Metal Shell Double Coil Induction Crystal Growth Furnace

  • Put the material under the furnace to solve the inconvenience of taking material from the 8-inch crucible
  • When discharging, the crucible is automatically separated from the heat field to improve the repeatability of furnaces
  • Unique secondary heating element
  • Optimized built-in coil insulation
  • Horizontal multi-point temperature measurement
  • The raising furnace adopts special customized graphite hard felt

Our Innovation

Axial and Radial Temp Control Separate

Note: A single furnace type does not necessarily involve all technologies, it is for reference only, please call HIPER for details

[Axis-diameter separation] The technology is applied to the resistive crystal growth furnace to completely solve the temperature coupling phenomenon in the direction of the shaft-diameter. Adjust the axial temperature gradient to increase the crystal growth rate, and the radial temperature gradient will also change accordingly, resulting in unevenness of the crystal growth interface, increased stress, and increased crystal defects. The resistance type crystal growth furnace can control the temperature of the seed crystal area and the source material area separately through the resistance heating in different areas, and achieve the separation of the axial temperature gradient and the radial temperature gradient, thereby stabilizing the crystal growth surface shape and greatly improving the crystal growth rate. Growth rate.



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When the silicon carbide 8-inch era comes, as the diameter of the crucible increases, the induction coil can only heat the surface of the crucible, and the radial temperature gradient at different positions will increase accordingly, and such parameter changes are not suitable for crystals with large diameters. grow. In order to respond to the use inertia of industry customers and the continuation of Know-How, Hengpu Technology has solved the problem that the temperature of the graphite crucible cannot be separated by the double coil, achieved [quasi-axis separation], and used the technology in two furnaces at the same time In terms of type, it meets the usage habits of more customers.

感应炉 SICG8-SL07D
  • Crystal growth methodPVT
  • Heating platformInduction heating
  • Crystal growth rate0.2-0.3mm/h
  • Crystal size6 inch/8 inch
  • Crystal height30-40mm
  • Coil Typesingle/double coil