TCT Japan, Tokyo International 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Exhibition, is one of the most influential 3D printing exhibitions in Japan. It belongs to one of the brand exhibitions of the world famous 3D printing brand TCT, and is held by JTB Communication Design Company in Tokyo every year.

This year is held on January 29-31, 2020, which is also the fifth day of the traditional Chinese Lunar New Year. Under the haze of the outbreak of the epidemic in China, TCT Japan was held as scheduled. This exhibition Hemp Vacuum joined hands with Japanese agents to exhibit The latest BJ-200GR vacuum debinding and sintering furnace for 3D printing is mainly used for debinding and sintering of 3D printing (binder jetting/FDM/FFF) products, and can be used for heat treatment of laser printing products.

BJ-200GR applies semiconductor technology to vacuum sintering furnace for the first time, reducing the volume of vacuum furnace to laboratory level. And it is equipped with bottom corner rollers, which can be moved freely and conveniently. Hengpu also adopts a magnetic door lock structure, which can open and close the door with one key. Compared with the previous handwheel operation, it is much more convenient.

Although the size of the BJ-200GR has been reduced so much, the configuration is still powerful. Mitsubishi’s touch screen, process input with pressure and flow, and can automatically check the process and one-button fully automatic operation, as well as Leybold’s vacuum gauge, American There are a lot of thermocouples, Danish pressure gauges and Japanese Azbil mass flowmeters. Of course, the processes on conventional industrial MIM furnaces such as negative pressure degreasing, vacuum sintering, and pressure sintering are also exactly the same. Companies familiar with the operation of Hengpu furnace can operate seamlessly, and those who are not familiar with operation can learn it at once, which is more suitable for schools and laboratories.

HIPER successfully exported 3D degreasing and sintering furnace to Japan in 2019. The products of Japanese customers are mainly multi-variety, small-batch, and high-precision. BJ-200GR has precise temperature control and uniform airflow. Highly recognized by Japanese customers.

Innovation shapes the future! Welcome everyone to conduct technical exchanges!