Pressure Sintering Furnace-1MPa Fast Cooling

Our Products

■ High performance

  • Dewaxing, vacuum sintering and isostatic pressing dense sintering.
  • Negative pressure, hydrogen atmospheric pressure dewaxing, suitable for a variety of binders (paraffin, wax and PEG, etc.).
  • Vacuum, negative pressure and pressure sintering to ensure product densification.
  • High pressure rapid cooling

■ High stability

  • It adopts multi-zone temperature control, air intake preheating, and multi-layer insulation hard felt to ensure temperature uniformity under vacuum and pressure.
  • German temperature control system is adopted to ensure precise temperature control and air pressure.
  • Hydrogen safety operating system, combined with hardware and software, ensures the safety of hydrogen use.

■ High configuration

  • Graphite materials are imported from Germany and Japan.
  • German mass flow meters, pressure sensors, thermocouples, etc.
  • German dewaxing valves, pressure reducing valves, safety valves, etc.
  • German power controller, SIEMENS electrical control system.
  • Germany RITTAL distribution cabinet, Germany PREIFFER rotary vane pump and Roots pump.

Our advantage

Precise control

With more than ten years of experience in sintering furnace design, he has a very deep understanding of vacuum, temperature control and air flow, and has a complete set of systems for testing to achieve world-leading temperature control, air flow control and vacuum control.

Full size

HIPER MIM sintering furnace is rich in variety and complete in variety, covering all equipment from experiment to mass production, and then to mass production, meeting the needs of customers at different stages.

Quick service

With more than ten years of after-sales service experience, we can find and solve problems in a short time, and send after-sales parts quickly.

Rich customization

Hengpu can customize professional sintering furnaces according to your materials, application fields, and usage scenarios, and can also choose different configurations based on our standard furnaces.

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The pressure sintering furnace has the functions of degreasing, vacuum sintering, isostatic pressing and densification sintering, etc. It is used for thermal debonding and sintering of cemented carbide products.

Thanks to Hengpu's many years of experience in the cemented carbide field, combined with Japanese and German technologies, we truly understand customers and constantly innovate technologies according to customer needs, maintain customer competitiveness, and continue to create value for customers.

Suitable material:

Tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, tantalum carbide, etc.

压力烧结炉-1MPa 急冷
  • Processing box size (cm)30/30/125
  • Working pressure (bar)10
  • Maximum temperature1600/2200 (optional)
  • Operating temperature1550/2150 (optional)
  • Temperature DistributionAmplitude≤±7
  • Ultimate vacuum0.7
  • Dewaxing processN2, Ar negative pressure, H2, slightly positive pressure
  • Sintering processVacuum, pressure sintering
  • Cooling processQuenching
  • Used gasN2, Ar, H2, CH4 (optional)
  • Power capacity (KVA)220
  • Loading capacity (kg)260
  • Site requirements (m³)3.8×4.5×2.9