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■ Scope of application

  • Baking pan furnace equipment is mainly used in the LED industry, such as: cleaning of LED regenerated wafers, baking of graphite fixtures such as MOCVD graphite discs.

Design Features

  • The rear furnace door is equipped with a heat dissipation fan, which accelerates the heat exchange between the heat insulation layer and the water wall through the gas medium, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid cooling.

■ On-demand customization

  • New site layout design, basic pipeline transformation, addition of specific functions, and customization of required dimensions.

Our Innovation

Axial and Radial Temp Control Separate

Note: A single furnace type does not necessarily involve all technologies, it is for reference only, please call HIPER for details

[Axis-diameter separation] The technology is applied to the resistive crystal growth furnace to completely solve the temperature coupling phenomenon in the direction of the shaft-diameter. Adjust the axial temperature gradient to increase the crystal growth rate, and the radial temperature gradient will also change accordingly, resulting in unevenness of the crystal growth interface, increased stress, and increased crystal defects. The resistance type crystal growth furnace can control the temperature of the seed crystal area and the source material area separately through the resistance heating in different areas, and achieve the separation of the axial temperature gradient and the radial temperature gradient, thereby stabilizing the crystal growth surface shape and greatly improving the crystal growth rate. Growth rate.



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Vacuum bakeware furnace is a new type of vacuum equipment in the LED manufacturing industry, and it is used in conjunction with MOCVD equipment. When in use, the furnace is vacuumed, and the workpiece to be processed is placed in the furnace, and the cleaning gas is heated and reacted for dry cleaning (cleaning gas: N2, H2). It is mainly used to effectively remove gallium nitride and aluminum nitride on the MOCVD susceptor (SiC coated graphite disk or quartz disk), so as to achieve effective cleaning and improve product quality.

  • 安装尺寸(mm)3500×W3300×2400(L×W×H)
  • 料盘尺寸(mm)Φ716×H16
  • 有效空间(mm)790×790×1500
  • 载重量(kg)450kg
  • 加热功率(KVA)170KVA
  • 极限真空度(Torr)7×10-3Torr
  • 使用温度(℃)1450℃
  • 泄露率≤1.33×10-4Pa.m3/s
  • 电源种类3相4线 AC380V
  • 极限温度(℃)1500℃
  • 温度均匀性≤±5℃